What are your needs if:

  • You are a policy planner in Higher Education?
  • You feel the need for a change in Higher Education strategy?
  • Your institute needs improvement in performance?

What do you need if you want to base your decisions on information and facts?

The magical word is "Business Intelligence"!

Business Intelligence (BI), sometimes called "Institutional Intelligence" in Higher Education institutions, refers to computer-based techniques used in spotting, digging-out, and analyzing business data.

Business intelligence aims to support better business decision making, and thus can be called a decision support system (DSS). Common functions of business intelligence systems are:

  • reporting,
  • online analytical processing (OLAP) to explore data and to answer multi-dimensional queries,
  • data mining to display clusters and associations in large data sets,
  • predictive analytics to "make predictions" or discover trends.

BI applications often use a data warehouse, which is a dimensional database fed from the Information System of the Business or Institution. In this case, the BI process also includes modules such as data integration, data quality, data warehousing, and master data management.
BI solutions intend to support the experts as well as the top management by offering different analytical tools.

The conference aims to give an overview of available products for Business Intelligence in the context of Higher Education. Solutions presented will be commercial as well as Open Source. Last but not least, this conference will be the FIRST CLASS OPPORTUNITY to learn about and discuss BI solutions in Higher Education.


  • Commercial and Open Source BI solutions in European countries
  • Using BI for decision making and policy planning in HE
  • Best practice examples for the use and implementation of BI
  • Lessons learned / Do's and Don'ts / Beyond the hype: realistic chances and limitations of BI
  • Collaboration between institutions, e.g.
    • developing BI solutions
    • defining key indicators
  • Regional and nationwide BI solutions: integrated solutions for HE institutes and for politics and ministeries


The Conference is followed by the EUNIS OSEdu Workshop (Open Source in Higher Education). Access to that workshop is limited. Further information are available at the OSEdu Website: http://osedu.his.de



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